How To Turn A Closet Into An Office Nook

It draws the eyes upward, providing balance and making your closet office look more spacious. The fixture Karrah chose is lightweight and light-colored, subtly tying together the neutral decor. If you are converting a small closet or linen closet to an office, the main thing that’s going to prevent you from using all of the space is the convert closet to office door. Since there has to be room for the hinges to close, doors usually take up more space than they’re worth. You’ll end up feeling stuffed into too tight a space and bumping your elbows a lot. If you still want to be able to hide your cloffice at the end of the day, you can add a curtain like Jen from iHeart Organizing did above.

how to turn a closet into an office

“If you do nonpermanent upgrades, the beauty is that you can switch it around as much as you wish,” the lifestyle content creator explains. If you’ve got an extra hall closet, it might be the perfect opportunity to create a mudroom. Jessica Bui, the blogger behind The Orange Home, accomplished this task in 2020 when she converted the “most random closet in the world” into a practical catchall space. Whether you’re interested in a custom-designed closet, office, pantry, or garage, starting your project couldn’t be easier.

Take off closet doors.

There’s usually a large desk area that has room for your monitor (or monitors), your computer, pencil holders, phone, pictures, and coffee cup. Pull a chair into your new office and pretend to work for a bit before you start your closet to office conversion. You may find that what looks perfect in theory doesn’t work at all in practice. Yes, you’ll have to find someplace else to store your stuff, but stashing your winter coats under a bed or in the basement to free up the closet may be the best trade-off you can make.

  • While the HUD 203k program doesn’t specifically mention cloffices, it provides resources for homeowners undertaking renovations, which could encompass the creation of a home office space.
  • Here at RenoFi, we guide you through selecting the perfect office furniture and decor that not only fits your space but also your budget.
  • By carefully planning the installation of countertops, drawers, cabinets, and lighting, you can create a cloffice that is both functional and inviting.
  • For a more permanent storage option, built-in cabinetry can be custom-fitted to the closet’s dimensions to create a polished look.
  • Here at RenoFi, we’re here to guide you through creating a sturdy and stylish workspace.

Probably the most logical place for a tiny drawer is underneath the table. Allow for adequate leg and knee space for when you are seated, and sufficient room to bring your seat inside before you shut your office at the end of the day. Use a range of cardboard boxes, containers, and jars to keep your small office supplies. The basic setup requires a desktop surface, storage, and a chair or stool, which can all fit inside a reach-in bedroom closet or a linen closet in the hallway. At the end of the day, simply close the closet doors to conceal your workstation and keep your home looking clutter-free. These smart and stylish cloffice ideas will show you how to outfit the space with furniture, lighting, storage, and more to create an efficient spot to work from home.

Simple DIY Closet Organizer

Keeping everything in perfect order might be challenging with open shelves. You might consider closed storage if you have a lot of stuff — just hide it behind cabinet doors. Leave considerable space over your desk area (so you don’t hit your head every time you stand up) and put up some floating shelves to show off your precious items. Attach them to the ceiling of the closet or if there are shelves above the desk, stick the puck lights under it. These are bright lights and buying a couple of them should considerably cheer up the space.

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